Bring a touch of the Old West to your Home

Western Decor
Western Decor World helps you bring the spirit of the old west straight into your home. It brings to mind rugged cowboys, wide open spaces, big sky and freedom.

The spirit of the west is that of an unfettered population, free to roam.

It is this freedom which created such a sense of mystique around the inscrutable cowboy. A cowboy’s best friend was his horse, his home the open western range.

Rustic Cowboy Wall Cross
List : $24.99
Order Yours: $17.99
Wagon Wheel Planter
List : $129.99
Order Yours: $89.95
Wagon Wheel Bench
List : $199.95
Order Yours: $159.99
Western Cowboy Water Fountain
List : $149.99
Order Yours: $89.99
Rustic Wooden Garden Swing
List : $299.99
Order Yours: $149.99
Rustic Antler Candleholder
List : $15.99
Order Yours: $10.99
Cowboy Shadow Box
List : $69.95
Order Yours: $42.99
Cowboy Boot Flower Planter
List : $24.99
Order Yours: $18.99
Lone Star Fireplace Screen
List : $99.99
Order Yours: $69.99
Texas Star Wall Plaque
List : $32.99
Order Yours: $28.99
Western Cowboy Mirror
List : $99.95
Order Yours: $42.99
Cowboy Desk  Phone
List : $89.95
Order Yours: $39.99
Horse Table with Glass Top
List : $139.99
Order Yours: $89.99
Western Cowboy Stars CandleHolder
List : $25.99
Order Yours: $11.99
Rustic Forest Fireplace Screen
List : $99.99
Order Yours: $74.99
Deluxe Civil War Chess Set
List : $149.99
Order Yours: $109.99
Cowboy Rooster Birdhouse
List : $19.99
Order Yours: $14.99
Western DecorHorse Table with Glass Top
List : $139.99
Order Yours: $89.99
Jeweled Cross Western Hinge Wallet
List : $29.99
Order Yours: $19.99
One of the easiest ways to add the spirit of the west to your home decor is through the use of unique western decorations, like western photo frames. You can choose from a variety of breath-taking etched glass western mirrors containing ghostly scenes of the cowboy life.

Put the mirror into a dark corner and it will help illuminate it while making the room seem more expansive. Or choose a large cowboy mirror framed in rustic wood and highlighted with western cowboy decor.

Your favorite photo framed in a western stlyle frame placed beneath the mirror, will give you an instant sense of wild west living.

Another easy way to add western home décor is by the use of wall mounted accessories. western clocks, cowboy coat hooks, key hooks, western art prints and cowboy shadow boxes are just some of the options you can choose from.

Place a rustic metal cowboy key hook right by the door so you never lose your keys again. Or place a set of metal horse coat hooks on the inside of the hall closet door – your guests will get a treat when you hand up their coats.

The key to effective use of western decor is to not ‘fence them in’. Trust in that spirit of independence and freedom – a single western decoration can carry an area, two can carry a room.

Multiple pieces scattered throughout the home with complimentary décor will give you that feeling of the old west.