Rooster Decor – Brighten your Home Traditionally

The rooster is an ancient symbol of the victory of light over dark and of watchfulness – therefore it is common in many cultures to use the symbols of the rooster in household décor.

In many cultures the kitchen is the hub of the house and the family gathering place therefore many of the traditions of using the rooster in décor center around this room.

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In the kitchen the possibilities for using rooster kitchen décor are almost endless. Tea towels, pot holders, serving trays, clocks, wall hooks, serving bowls, cruet sets, salt and pepper shakers. salt and pepper shakers, egg baskets, decorative plates, memo boards – the list goes on.

The key is in choosing coordinating images of roosters without making every item the same. Different colors, different plumage, different styles of artwork will combine to give your kitchen an eclectic and homey feel.

Concentrate on choosing the largest items first, the coordinate and contrast with smaller items and decorative touches.

Outside of the kitchen you will want to use rooster home décor with a light and whimsical approach. Rather than allow rooster items to dominate your theme, use them as accents for the greatest effect.

Place a small rooster figurine on a bookshelf, place a rooster candle on an end table or make use of a heavy metal brightly painted rooster doorstop.

Let your roosters peek out from behind plants or provide separators on your CD shelf. In the garden the possibilities grow even wider with metal roosters, stepping stones, weathervanes, candle lanterns and even wall lanterns to light the front or back porch.

The rooster brings luck to a household because he is the symbol of the victory of light over dark. By choosing a few select items of rooster home décor to brighten your living room or bedroom you will create a whimsical and comfortable atmosphere.

You can decorate your kitchen in country French style and make liberal use of rooster themed decorative and practical items.

Your garden, deck or front pathway can serve as a showplace for a metal sculpture and a lantern. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.