Western Gifts – Give the Spirit of the West

Western gifts for the home can be the perfect choice for housewarmings, weddings, and bridal showers.

The spirit of the west is slightly more illusive, however. The west means freedom - it means open space, self determination, the majesty of nature.

When you choose a western themed gift you are offering a little piece of all that.

High quality decorative items themed on the West come in all shapes and sizes and are designed to fit in with almost any décor.

Texas  Lone Star Wall Cross
List : $24.95
Order Yours: $18.99
Western Bath Decor Ensemble
List : $34.95
Order Yours: $24.99
Wagon Wheel Double-Tier Planter
List : $110.99
Order Yours: $79.99
Country Flower Cart Planter
List : $49.95
Order Yours: $39.99
Rustic Apple Barrel Fountain
List : $199.95
Order Yours: $124.99
Jeweled Cross Western Hinge Wallet
List : $29.99
Order Yours: $19.99
Warrior Eagle Tanto Knife
List : $29.99
Order Yours: $19.99
Mustang  Wine Rack
List : $39.95
Order Yours: $26.99
American Indian Chief Figurine
List : $25.95
Order Yours: $18.99
Stallion Spirit Coffee Table
List : $399.99
Order Yours: $215.99
Farmhouse Decorative Rooster Plates
List : $19.95
Order Yours: $14.99
Kodiak Bear Display Knife
List : $49.95
Order Yours: $36.50
Western Cowboy Water Fountain
List : $149.99
Order Yours: $89.99
Rustic Wolf Welcome Sign
List : $14.99
Order Yours: $11.99
Cowboy Desk  Phone
List : $89.95
Order Yours: $39.99
Eagle Wine Holder
List : $24.95
Order Yours: $13.99
Rooster Salt and Pepper Shakers
List : $16.95
Order Yours: $8.99
Wolf Table with Glass Top
List : $139.99
Order Yours: $89.99
Lone Star Fireplace Screen
List : $99.99
Order Yours: $69.99
WhiteTail Deer Welcome Sign
List : $14.99
Order Yours: $12.99
Dreamcatcher Heart Windchime
List : $12.95
Order Yours: $9.99
Rustic Wooden Garden Swing
List : $299.99
Order Yours: $149.99
List : $169.99
Order Yours: $149.99
Country Cow Kitchen Rack
List : $99.99
Order Yours: $79.99
Wild Western Kitchen Rack
List : $82.99
Order Yours: $65.99
Western Kitchen Serving Set
List : $17.99
Order Yours: $12.99
Western home décor can lend an air of rustic authenticity to your home and bring a little of the spirit of the west to your life.

The American west is a mythic place full of larger than life characters (Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull and Wild Bill Hickok) and legendary animals (horse, wolf and eagle.

Fine art quality décor items that celebrate the west are available for your home – tables, statues, art prints, clocks, wall hangings, lamps, mirrors – there are so many items to choose from that you will have a difficult time making a decision.

To get a truly western feel you will want to have some items that celebrate the animals of the west and others that celebrate the people.

The animals of the west lend themselves well to use in western home décor. The noble wolf, the majestic eagle, the free spirited horse are all used to create a variety of decorative and practical items.

Choose a glass topped end table supported by a howling wolf, a rearing horse or an eagle in flight. Choose finely crafted statues to place on shelves, tables or in corners on the floor. Clocks, mirrors and lamps expand your choices even further.

The people of the west have left an indelible impression in our cultural mind and none more than the two groups that dominated the struggle for control of the mythic landscape – cowboys and Indians.

Romantic and majestic images of these two opposing forces are available as western home décor. Statues, medicine wheels, etched mirrors, metal cutouts and candles are complimented by wall art and photo frames.

The key to using these striking pieces of décor is to keep the tension that existed in the original relationship. For example, consider using a piece depicting an Indian directly across the room from a cowboy themed item.

Western home décor works best in rooms that have rustic elements – exposed brick, open beams, wooden floors. If your room does not have these natural decorative elements consider using rustic planks as background to your art pieces.

Plants also work to add atmosphere and help your western pieces look at home – they key is to avoid the clean white lines of modern style in favor of a warmer more textured approach. Even a startling modern couch can be warmed up by tossing an Indian blanket over it.